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It's Magic!

Residents recently enjoyed an encore presentation by magician Maciek. Once again, Maciek dazzled residents with his quick hands and clever tricks. And we're happy to report that no residents were missing at the conclusion of the program - everyone was present and accounted for!  

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​​​Thank you NOCH

Many thanks to North Ottawa Community Hospital (NOCH) Home Health Physical Therapy staff for once again providing us with a Walker Roundup. Residents are invited to bring their walkers to the Roundup, where NOCH staff inspects the walkers to ensure they are in proper working order. If a problem is discovered, NOCH staff repairs the problem if they are able. Issues that cannot be repaired are then reported to family. At the end of the inspection, the NOCH staff even clean the walkers for the residents! This service is provided free of charge and CHH is very thankful to NOCH Home Health Physical Therapy for providing this to our residents. 

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