Meals & Activities

Christian Haven offers three nutritious, home cooked meals per day. Breakfast is served at 8:00 am, dinner at noon and supper at 5:30 pm. Coffee times are in the dining room at 10:00 am, 3:00 pm and 10:00 pm daily. Small portion sizes, diabetic desserts and other special nutritional needs are available upon request.

Families are always welcome to visit. We would be happy to have you join your loved one for a meal. Visitor meals are charged at a nominal cost, please just give us a little notice ahead of time.

On average, Christian Haven Home offers about 15 activities per week to keep residents active. Activities include Bible studies, bingo, exercise class, musical entertainment and current event discussions just to name a few. With plenty of outdoor space, residents are encouraged to enjoy the outdoors – whether that means sitting in the garden gazebo or going for a walk around the property. Christian Haven also plans occasional outings fitting for the seasons, such as a Tulip Time tour through Holland and a Whitecaps ball game to celebrate spring, a trolley ride through downtown Grand Haven to enjoy the sights and sounds of summer and a hay ride, with donuts and cider during harvest time.

“My mom's quality of life living here is just tremendous. I kid that I can never call her
during the day because she is always in some activity or another. It is very, very good.
It is helpful to maintain her mental state and her spirit as well.” - Sandi Knes